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Do you want to learn to fly, take a tandem, hone your XC flying skills, or try to smash the State record?

NeverLand is your place to escape!

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Why NeverLand?

FloridaFlorida is one of the premier places in the USA for newer pilots to learn and gain valuable thermal and cross country experience. Since Florida is at sea level with large bodies of water on both sides, the air is as pleasant as air can be. Smooth thermals that top out at 6,000-8,000 ft on average allow newer pilots to fly thru the mid day where at other locations the air becomes too turbulent and dangerous.

Fun for the whole family

Florida is a major international vacation destination, which means pilots have lots of other vacation activities available for the entire family at affordable prices.



The perfect introduction to a wonderful adventure

A NeverLand tandem flight is the best way to see if paragliding is for you: if you've ever dreamt of flying like a bird, or love a good roller coaster, then paragliding is for you.

Our tandem pilots are advanced pilots whom have been flying for years. Your first flight is a precious moment and we insure you have a safe, fun learning experience.

Paragliding is one of the last great adventures a human can experience here on earth. Riding hot columns of rising air, sometimes to the clouds, is like nothing else you've ever experienced; flying face to face with birds who think you're also a bird is an amazing experience.

World-class instruction in a world-class site

NeverLand offers world class instruction and tandem flights. Our training method is a proven system that allows you to maximize your time training so you're a safe proficient pilot by the time you leave the nest. You will start out with the basics in the ground school and progress with baby steps till your ready for your first solo flight.

You can be flying under your own wing in just a few days of training, you learn alot by just playing with the wing on the ground, learning how the wing acts and reacts to the air. Once you have got a handle on kiting the wing, you will progress to flying a few feet off the ground and then flying higher as you feel comfortable. You will be under radio guidance by your instructor every step of the way, flying tandem to increase your learning curve in the safest way possible.

We also offer top-notch tow training for both pilots and operators.

You focus on flying.
We’ll manage the logistics.

NeverLand offers world class tow operations 7 days a week 365 days a year. We use the SDI Magnetic Particle Clutch winch, which offers smooth easy operation like a hydraulic tow rig, but without the hydraulic fluid. Add to that the combined 30 years of towing experience of our tow operators, and you get one of the safest ways in the world to get airborne.

For the first time paraglider pilots from around the world will now be able to just show up in Florida and get to go flying, which in the past only happened for a couple months of the year.

XC retrieval service is available by reservation.

We also offer top-notch tow training for both pilots and operators.

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